BTQ Construction

Why choose BTQ Construction for your projects.

Why choose BTQ Construction for your projects

Because each client is unique, BTQ Construction offers a service adapted to your reality and your needs. We rely on collaboration to establish tailor-made parameters and carry out your most ambitious projects according to your budget.

We respect your privacy, work clean, organized, and have a flexible schedule that works for both the client and our team.

We work with the owner or the client to maintain and respect the Budget, Time and Quality of the project! To do this, we share and communicate with the client continuously throughout the project.

Here are some advantages that you will benefit from by choosing our solutions

A well-reputed company in the industry

BTQ Construction is positioned in the industry as a renovation company working in the residential and commercial fields that fairly treats its suppliers, customers and employees with honesty and respect.

Highly qualified staff

Our success is based on the quality of the services offered. This is why we invest a lot in the training of our professionals. BTQ Construction is fortunate to be able to count on a young, dynamic team full of experience in the market. In recent years, we have demonstrated professionalism and confidence with our customers. Our reputation is well established, we are efficient.

Our prices

BTQ Construction works according to your budget. We offer the client several payment methods, including assistance in obtaining financing and the possibility of making monthly payments within a reasonable period of time.

Quality and Certifications

BTQ Construction is a member of several associations and holds several certifications allowing it to be among the most serious and solid companies in the industry.

License Bond and Liability Insurance

Our work is guaranteed and your investment is protected. We hold a license bond and a liability insurance policy. This has the effect of guaranteeing the fulfillment of our contractual obligations towards our customers.