About our Company

Founded in 2007, BTQ Construction offers a full service renovation, landscaping and interior design in the greater Montreal area.

About BTQ Construction

Founded in 2007, BTQ Construction offers a full renovation, landscaping and interior design service in the greater Montreal area. We specialize in renovating kitchens, bathrooms, basements and landscaping entrances and outdoor yards.
Over time, we have proven ourselves in meeting the most fundamental standards in the industry, but also in providing superior service to our customers. Meeting and exceeding the expectations of our customers is our daily leitmotiv.

What sets us apart

  • Budget Time Quality
  • Respect of the budget

  • Respect of deadlines

  • Exemplary quality for each finalized project

  • Our availability is adapted according to the client’s needs

  • A single company to cover all of your needs

Did you know ? BTQ Construction and Nettoyage Spotless are managed by the same shareholders. You need residential or commercial housekeeping service, we can help you too.


Our mission is to enable each of our clients to carry out their most ambitious projects, while ensuring to meet quality standards in the construction industry, while respecting deadlines through the skills of our workers.


Our vision is to build a benchmark company in the construction industry by 2030 and to leave the legacy of a solid branded company from generation to generation by having harmonious and lasting relationships with our customers and business partners.


BTQ Construction places philanthropy at the heart of its values, hence the reason why we were inspired by these 3 letters to name our company. Honesty, respect, trust and courtesy are other values ​​that guide us in our actions and behavior.