Send us your CV.
What is this company and what do the letters BTQ stand for?
We are a construction company specializing in kitchen & bathroom remodeling, landscaping and interior design with over 10 years of experience. The letters BTQ represent: Budget, Time and Quality. These are the 3 components that will be part of our discussions to achieve your project.
Why do I have to give details about my project?
The details you give about your project allow us to better understand your needs and help us to better determine the costs. Thus, the more precise you are in your description, the closer we will be to your budget.
Are your staff qualified?
Each member of the team is carefully chosen based on these experiences and skills. BTQ Construction invests in the training of its personnel and makes sure to choose the most competent employees in the industry for each project.
I want to do this project, but my budget is tight. What can you do ?
We offer solutions tailored to your financial situation. In particular, we work with various financial institutions to help you achieve your projects hassle-free.
Do you have references on projects you have completed?
BTQ Construction carries out hundreds of projects annually. We will be happy to put you in touch with a person or a company with whom we have done business recently and who has similarities to your project.